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Using PowerShell to Download Files

1 minute read

How else do you get files these days but downloading files. This could be for a deployment purpose or to just use the terminal to download a file without usi...

Copy Files in C#

3 minute read

There are about 100 different ways to copy files on a computer system. Various scripts already have builtin ways like Windows default copy or Copy-Item in Po...

Touch command in PowerShell

1 minute read

One of my favorite commands from the Linux terminal is the touch command. This is a way for users to create or modify files and their timestamp information. ...

Powershell: Sorting Files

3 minute read

In a previous post I talked about how to use Python to organize files. Since most of my work is on a windows machine I thought I would add a Powershell based...

Python: Expand URL

2 minute read

Python has many great modules to deal with HTTP connections. A simple one to look at to day is the requests module. We’ll look at how to query the HTTP reque...

Working with Archive Files

5 minute read

No matter what we do we are always working with archiving files compressing or decompressing them. In this post we are going to take a look at creating a ZIP...

How to Create a PowerShell Profile

1 minute read

Every time you launch a PowerShell console, a profile is loaded that contains settings and much more to use. This is a great place to put your automation tas...

Get System Up time

less than 1 minute read

Getting the system up time on Windows servers or desktops is a needed task every so often. This information can be found a different ways but occasionally we...

Automate File Organizing

3 minute read

On our systems we use a lot of files and end up with a lot of clutter. Sometimes it can be hard to look through all those files and determine what is needed....

Scheduling file backups with Python

1 minute read

No matter what industry and position you are in, there are always file you need to backup. With so many options out there, creating your own solution is some...

How to Touch files in Powershell

1 minute read

When working in a terminal a lot we learn several built in commands that we start to lean on those commands and tools in our everyday life.

Simple Web Server

3 minute read

Powershell is very powerful when we can leverage .NET classes in our scripts. One simple task is to create a simple web server to render our results or serve...

Port Checking in Python

2 minute read

Python’s Sockets library allows us to make connections to other hosts and we can use this to establish new sockets for our scripts or check if they are open ...

Python Countdown Timer

1 minute read

Creating a timer is something we can use with just about projects. Whether that is to sleep the script or create a timer to perform something else. We will u...

Viewing Wifi Passwords

less than 1 minute read

Did you forget your WiFi passwords and wish you could retrieve them? Or know what wireless networks you’ve connected to? With PowerShell we can do that prett...

Export images folder to HTML page

2 minute read

Often times we have a lot of images in a bunch of folders, and we need to go through the files to review them. I will show how we can use Python’s glob(), en...

Uppercase user input

1 minute read

During user input we need to perform some string functions to put the name in a proper format because lets be honest, no one always types correctly.

Encrypting Files

2 minute read

With python there are many modules to use for encryption. Today we will see how to generate a key and encrypt a file. Encryption is used when encoding a file...

Python Virtual Environments

2 minute read

There comes a time in writing Python programs where you need to test something, work on an update to a module, or test a new module in a sandbox. Luckily the...