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Port Checking in Python

2 minute read

Python’s Sockets library allows us to make connections to other hosts and we can use this to establish new sockets for our scripts or check if they are open ...

Python Countdown Timer

1 minute read

Creating a timer is something we can use with just about projects. Whether that is to sleep the script or create a timer to perform something else. We will u...

Viewing Wifi Passwords

less than 1 minute read

Did you forget your WiFi passwords and wish you could retrieve them? Or know what wireless networks you’ve connected to? With PowerShell we can do that prett...

Export images folder to HTML page

2 minute read

Often times we have a lot of images in a bunch of folders, and we need to go through the files to review them. I will show how we can use Python’s glob(), en...

Uppercase user input

1 minute read

During user input we need to perform some string functions to put the name in a proper format because lets be honest, no one always types correctly.