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Get System Up time

less than 1 minute read

Getting the system up time on Windows servers or desktops is a needed task every so often. This information can be found a different ways but occasionally we...

Automate File Organizing

3 minute read

On our systems we use a lot of files and end up with a lot of clutter. Sometimes it can be hard to look through all those files and determine what is needed....

Scheduling file backups with Python

1 minute read

No matter what industry and position you are in, there are always file you need to backup. With so many options out there, creating your own solution is some...

How to Touch files in Powershell

1 minute read

When working in a terminal a lot we learn several built in commands that we start to lean on those commands and tools in our everyday life.

Simple Web Server

3 minute read

Powershell is very powerful when we can leverage .NET classes in our scripts. One simple task is to create a simple web server to render our results or serve...